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Each month, PEFAC creates a newsletter to send to our members and email subscribers. It is focused on providing tips, general health information, promotions in our facility and what to keep your eyes out for in the upcoming month!

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January 2015 -Resolutions  February 2015 -Heart Health  March 2015 -Spring into Fitness

April 2015– Staying on Track  May 2015-Summer is coming! June 2015-H20 Safety

July 2015-Summer is Here!  August 2015– Anniversary AMP UP! September 2015-10 years

October 2015-It’s Fall!  November 2015-Remember   December 2015-Happy Holidays


January 2016-New Year, New You  February 2016-Stay healthy  March 2016-SPRING!

April 2016-April Showers…   May 2016-Fill up your calendars!   June 2016– Summertime!

July 2016– Lots to do!     August-Hot, Hot, Hot!    September 2016– New US New YOU!    

October 2016– Lots to do in Fall!   November 2016-Class Challenge!

December 2016-Season’s Greetings!


January 2017-Brand New Year  February 2017-Healthy Heart  March 2017-Let the fun in March begin!  April 2017-Spring into Fitness           May 2017– Painting, Challenges, Blossoms and more!   June 2017– June, Lovely June    July 2017– It’s Summer!
August 2017-Let the Fun in the Sun Continue!    October 2017– Gratitude                  November 2107 – Remembrance December 2017– Holiday Giving

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