About Us

As part of PEFAC’s ongoing efforts to improve our services, we appreciate your feedback to ensure we are continuing to be the best. Please check back for survey releases. Please direct any immediate comments to our reception staff the next time you visit!


Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Residents and Visitors in Prince Edward County,
As most people know PEFAC is a not-for profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors. I can assure you that the board works tirelessly to insure that PEFAC continues to thrive and be available for all the citizens of Prince Edward County.
Since our inception 10 years ago, we have been blessed with our dedicated staff, loyal members and unwavering partners (P.E.C. Council) and our great contributors.
PEFAC’s vision is to keep our community active and healthy. We promise to work hard and continue to supply our community with an aquatic and fitness facility that provides  recreational, physical, therapeutic and social opportunities for all ages and abilities.
We look forward to seeing you around the club, working hard to keep healthy.

Yours in Health,
Bill Halman
President and Chairman of the PEFAC Board of Directors