PEFAC now offers Rehabilitative training for those in need. Training can be done on land and/or in water.

1 hr….. $65.00

10 Sessions (1 hour)….$522.50
10 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$760.00
20 Sessions (1 hour)….$950.00
20 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$1425.00
40 Sessions (1 hour)….$1757.50
40 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$2707.50

Non Members:
10 Sessions (1 hour)….$550.00
10 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$800
20 Sessions (1 hour)….$1000.00
20 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$1500.00
40 Sessions (1 hour)….$1850.00
40 Sessions (1.5 hour)….$2850.00

Rehabilitation Trainer: Fidel Matthews

Fidel is an aqua fitness instructor, personal trainer and aquatic rehabilitation specialist. Having worked with clients from all age groups, Fidel has experience dealing with health issues such as arthritis, hip replacements, knee eplacements, fibromyalgia, joint injuries, weight loss and stroke. She is a proven performer with strong interpersonal skills and an unwavering commitment to improving the life of others.

Professional Education:

  • WaterArt Rehabilitation Specialist Certification – This program is an advanced training program involved in the rehabilitation process. The course was developed by physiotherapist. The program provides the individual an excellent understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise design. Shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle conditions are discussed and each area is taken through six rehabilitation phases in detail.
  • WaterArt Personal Training Specialist Certification – This program teaches you to apply advanced scientific principles to individual programming. By understanding a client’s baseline you learn how to program more specifically to both shallow and or deep water. You learn how to progress each exercise for a varied clientele utilize a variety of equipment and techniques. We reviewed case studies to better understand programming for a variety of clientele with unique skill, body compositions, and goals.
  • WaterArt Instructor Certification- This is entry level instructor program which provides leaders with the practical skills for designing shallow and deep water programs for a variety of ages, skills and fitness levels. It allows the instructor to build a well-balanced program that incorporated a variety of exercises that target posture, muscular endurance, strength, cardiovascular, flexibility and balance.
  • WaterArt Senior Instructor Certification – This Senior Populations program will focus on facilitating a clientele with a variety of age related function and common medical conditions. The goal is to train functional fitness in water so that the client may maintain, and enjoy, independence and functional lifestyle on land. This instructor training program will give you the tools to learn how to modify and progress exercises to make exercise design appropriate for this clientele.Contraindications to exercise and when to refer back to a health care professional is reviewed.Provides general exercises for helping to improve function and maintain strength and mobility especially for the regional areas around the hips, knees, neck, back and shoulders.



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