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At PEFAC, we offer a variety of options for personal training. If you are interested in a more private,  one-on-one focus, we offer individual rates in different size packages. If you are looking for something a little more engaging, get a group of friends together or join a group rate!
There is nothing better than doing something together!

Book with one of our Certified Personal Trainers

* Conor Forbes * Jim Anfield *Andrew Binks

These group training sessions will be 4-1 hour sessions. In the event only one participant shows up for group training, charges will remain the same, unless participant wishes to purchase an additional session.
Group of 2…..$100 ea.
Group of 3…..$67 ea.
Group of 4…..$50ea.

Individual Rates
Book sessions with Conor Forbes, Andrew Binks or Jim Anfield.

5 sessions (1 hour) ….$210
10 sessions (1 hour)……$400
20 sessions (1 hour)….$770
40 sessions (1 hour)….$1,490
3 sessions (30 mins)….$72
Orientation (30 mins)….$25

5 sessions (1 hour) ….$239
10 sessions (1 hour)……$458
20 sessions (1 hour)….$886
40 sessions (1 hour)….$1,722
3 sessions (30 mins)….$79
Orientation (30 mins)….$25

*All personal training prices are subject to HST. Please confirm with reception if expiry dates are applicable and information regarding refunds. *

For any inquires regarding programs, please contact our Personal Training Director, Conor Forbes-

Group Programs

Looking for something specific? (Golf training, bridal bootcamps, teen fitness, etc), inquire with our Personal Training Director, Conor (, to find out more information and discuss options suitable for you and how we can help! Dates and times for programs are based on demand or seasonal. Join the many groups already involved in these great programs or start one of your own!
Single or group registrations available.

Current Programs

Equestrian Fitness
Get in shape for your upcoming show season!
Next session: March 20th 2017

Equestrian Fitness

Ladies Bootcamp
Join us for this circuit style class.
Next session: January 2nd-February 22nd 2018
$120+HST for Members & $150+HST for Non-Members

Golf Fit

This program is for any level of golf player. Working with a personal trainer, you will target specific muscle groups that will compliment your golf game. Focusing on flexibility, stretching and core strength, prevent injury and feel more confident in your golf game. Working 2 days a week for 4 weeks, you will be focusing on exercise as well as the techniques involved in the game of golf. From grip, stance, posture and swing-you will work on and enhance them all. For more information, please view our poster!
Next session: March 20 2017
If you have a group interested in running another session in 2016, please contact us.

Bridal Bootcamp

Look your best on your wedding day. Feel confident, beautiful and stunning in that perfect dress! Don’t let pre-wedding stress overtake your diet and exercise routine.
Our 8 week program will give you 2 days a week with a personal trainer to focus on you. This is a great group program for brides, or a bride and her bridesmaids looking to lose weight, inches, and tone before the big day!
Come have an hour to unwind, feel great, work hard and ensure your partner is weak in the knees when they see you walk down the aisle.
Want to make it a partner outing? Get your groom and his groomsmen in on it too. It is a great way for you all to work together, bond, have a bit of healthy competition and all feel the best you can in just 8 weeks.
Contact us if you have a bridal party that wants a program run specifically for them! Dates and times can be planned accordingly.
Next session: February 20th
Cost: $120/Member or $150 Non-Member

Shredding for Summer

Warmer weather is around the corner! Long summer days, sandy beaches, bbqs, sunshine and bathing suits! Get beach body ready in just 8 weeks with our Personal Training Director, Conor. This program is perfect for any fitness level and anyone looking to lose weight, tone muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance and gain strength. Sessions are designed in a boot camp circuit style to ensure a workout of all the major muscles, giving an overall effective full body workout. You will learn how to perform exercises properly, safely and at your own pace to ensure an impact full workout. Be confident this summer and feel like the best you in your beach body!

Next session: Call us and get your name on our  list for programs starting soon!
Cost: $120+tax

Shredding for Summer 2016

New Year New You

Looking to begin your weight loss journey and not sure where to start? Join Conor in this great program to participate in a workout circuit designed to target the whole body, focus on improving muscular endurance and fat loss. In this program, you are given the education on the importance of different exercise as well as the tools on how to start, achieve and maintain an exercise/health and wellness goal all year long. Using a variety of exercises, you will work different muscle groups with no choreography or temp so participants are able to go at their own pace. All abilities welcome to this program.
New session: January 2nd-February 22nd, 2018
Member $120 +tax Non-Member$150

PEFAC’s Weight Maintenance Program

Have a goal and need the support of a coach to help you stay motivated and on track? This 12 week program will offer just that. You will meet weekly with our Personal Training Director, Conor, in a group and individual setting to complete check ins for weight loss, measurements, goal achievement updates and progress tracking. Each participant will keep a Food and Exercise Log to stay informed and accountable for what they are doing each week.  A positive approach will be taken to these meetings to focus on topics that surround health and wellness as well as the struggles we face when trying to maintain a healthy weight. Each week will be dedicated to a new topic such as “How you feel vs the scale”, “What to do when you plateau”,  “exercising to achieve results” and many more! Get informed this New Year about your body and how to get the best results out of your regimen.
Next Session: TBD-call for details
Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm
Cost: $99+ tax (ONLY $8/week)
Please email Conor for more information

Weight Loss

Kick Start Fitness

This program is designed to give you the initial boost you need when starting a new fitness routine. You will perform three total workouts per week, one on your own and two with the personal trainer that will assist you through the 8 weeks duration of the program. Week 1-3 are designed to help you learn the essential exercises, basic movements, and how to properly use the gym equipment. Every week you will progress learning new exercises, doing additional sets and repetitions while increasing the workout intensity. By the end of the program you will have an educated understanding of the fundamentals of exercise and know how the stick to a proper routine to reach your specific goals.
Next session: 2017
Cost: $120+tax


Women on Weights

This program is designed to help educate women on the importance of implementing weight training into their fitness routine. No matter if you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current weight, resistance training should always be a part of your routine. Women on Weights will educate women on the importance of resistance training as well as teach participants which muscles they should work, how to properly engage them, how to adjust the various machines, and eventually progress to an introduction to free weights. This program has the qualities of personal training but in more of a group atmosphere.
New session: January 8th-March 1st, 2018
Cost: $120+HST Members & $150+HST for Non-Members

Adult Fit

Twice a week program designed for adults who have not been physically active. If your goal is to improve your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and balance, this easy-to-follow supervised workout will meet your needs. This program will increase awareness and educate the participant on the value and benefits of physical activity in order to increase their quality of life and decrease health concerns.
Next Session: Runs at the beginning of each month -based on participation numbers.
New session: February 13-March 9, 2017
Cost: $50+ tax
Age: 55+

Fall Into Fitness

It is getting colder out and exercise outdoors is no longer an option. Join our speciality program to keep you fit through the slower months of the year. This circuit training program will have you in tip top shape in just  8 weeks. Most groups continue on through the entire season, new members to ongoing groups welcome upon request.

Get into a great routine before the winter hits. Take this opportunity to get back into the gym after spending an entire summer outside.

Next session: Starts Oct. 17th
Mondays 5:45-6:45pm & Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm
Cost: $120+tax

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